Business Memberships


If you own or operate a businesses or organization and are interested in working with current UCR student-athletes, we can work with you to create valuable promotions, experiences, or partnerships with proven ROI that also help fuel the success of UCR athletics and set Highlanders student athletes for success post graduation.

membership Levels

$ 750 Blue Package - Monthly
  • Logo on Raise The Riv Website
  • Promotion Through Raise The Riv Social Media Post
  • Please contact John Iezzi -
$ 1000 Gold Package - Monthly
  • All Blue Package Benefits
  • Social Media Activation with a Highlanders Student-Athlete
  • In Person Meet & Greet
  • Please contact John Iezzi -
$ 1500 Highlander Package - Monthly
  • All Blue Package Benefits
  • All Gold Package Benefits
  • Exclusive Package Built Around Your Specific Business Needs
  • Please contact John Iezzi -


Yes, organizations who join Raise the Riv can choose to support student-athlete’s on all teams at UC Riverside. Raise the Riv will work with you to determine which student-athlete(s) best support the goals of your business and will maximize exposure and return on investment

Member organizations may request to work with a specific student-athlete, but are not guaranteed to receive that student-athlete’s services. Because of busy academic and athletic schedules, a student-athlete’s ability to engage in NIL activities is often limited. Requests to work with a specific student-athlete will be made on a first subscribed, first offered basis, with higher tier subscribers having priority access.

Official category partner designations are only granted to members of the highest tier, on a first come, first serve basis. All Official Partners of Raise the Riv receive additional benefits, including cross promotional opportunities with Raise the Riv and UC Riverside student-athletes.

Organizations can work directly with Raise the Riv to contract with UC Riverside student-athletes to provide marketing, advertising and other services to enhance their membership benefits or on an a la carte basis. Please contact or call 414-202-1839 for more information.

Yes, organizations who join Raise the Riv can choose to pay their membership monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Any upfront payment allows a business to lock in and gain immediate access to all benefits for the designated time-period.

Organizations who cancel their membership will receive all benefits owed up-until date of cancellation, but relinquish all time-based benefits not accrued. For example, if a member at the $250 a month level is owed a bi-annual student-athlete on-site, but cancels their membership two months in, said benefit is relinquished. Organizations must be a member for at least two-consecutive months to receive a time-based benefit, or pre-pay their membership.

No, Raise the Riv is not affiliated with the University in any way. It is a third party created to work with UC Riverside student-athletes. That being said, student-athletes may request the right to use the UC Riverside marks and logo in their NIL related work, but that decision rests solely in the hands of the institution.

A business may direct that payments for the NIL activations by the student athletes be used to promote the business and/or market the business’ products and services. To learn more, contact us at Under these circumstances, a business may be able to deduct these payments and/or payments for a membership to Raise the Riv as a business expense. Of course, a business seeking a tax deduction for such payments should consult with it’s tax advisor prior to taking any such deduction.